May 20, 2013

The Everywheres :: The Everywheres

What the Allah-Las dished out in 2012, The Everywheres appear set to lay on thick in 2013: swagger-glazed guitar licks and hip-shimmying rhythms informed by the most discerning of musical tastes. While the Los Angeles-based Allah-Las radiate a decidedly sunny Southern California outlook, the Nova Scotia-set Everywheres exist in a state more mysterious, psychedelic, and meditative. The songs here play less like populist bar jukebox crowd pleasers and more like intimate found postcards and messages in bottles—personal stories and reflections caught in the raw and naked moments of creation. Halifax native Samuel Hill, The Everywheres' everything-man, recorded the album in his folk's basement, and perhaps because of that setting there's a but of an eerie and creeping sense of isolation and claustrophobia that bleeds into each song. The album cover—a photograph that captures the top of a couch hit by patchy sunlight, as shaped by leafy branches and a window pane—can at a quick glance look like a pastoral landscape. And that simple yet transportive illusion creates a fitting visual companion to The Everywheres' music, which feels simultaneously at home roaring out of car speakers on winding open country roads and trapped inside the confines of a pair of headphones on a darkened rainy day.

Pre-order The Everywheres' self-titled debut, out June 25th, from Father Daughter Records.

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  1. I'm so excited for this because it's been a while since there was a band that I genuinely like and that has so much promise.