January 18, 2013

Secret Mountains - "High Horse" / "Coasting"

There's something very punk rock about Baltimore band Secret Mountains. It's nothing to do with punk stylistically as a genre: there's no gritty power chords in 4/4 packed with anti-establishment lyrics. It's instead the middle finger the band points towards traditional pop music structures: there are no real choruses or clear hooks here. If the average song works in a circular shape, using repetition to emphasize specific themes and melodies, this sextet instead creates lush meditations that move in a consistently linear path: experimental ideas and moods that seems to evolve and reshape themselves alongside each second of passed time. Tracks like "Coasting" and "High Horse"—off Secret Mountains' forthcoming debut Rainer—require patience, but with each listen invested comes a bountiful sonic return.

Pre-order the band's debut from Friends Records.

Secret Mountains - "High Horse" (Shaking Through session)

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