January 31, 2013

Hunx - "I Won't Tell If You Won't Tell"

The fifth release in the LAMC series from Brooklyn label and collective Famous Class is a split between current Babies guitar slinger Cassie Ramone and Seth 'Hunx' Bogart. Hunx occupies the A-side with the slinky and catchy-as-hell "I Won't Tell If You Won't Tell," which runs on the fumes of a snappy half-muted guitar lick that proves to be the perfect vehicle and companion for Bogart's nasally punk timbre. Dig into the single, and sneak a peak at Hunx's Hollywood Nailz video series below. The clip here features Shannon & The Clams and Grass Widow hilariously covering 1990s hits "The Power" and "Unbelievable," the latter of which is somehow transformed into an absolutely killer cut.

Hunx - "I Won't Tell If You Won't Tell"

Buy the 7" digitally from Bandcamp where 100% of the proceeds benefit the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund, or nab the vinyl from Famous Class.

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