December 13, 2012

Best of 2012: Album Art

Album: Jessica Pratt :: Jessica Pratt
Artist: Tim Presley

Album: King Tuff :: King Tuff
Artist: Kyle Thomas (inserts by Luke Thomas)

Album: Deep Time :: Deep Time
Artist: Jaime Zuverza

Album: Lee Hazlewood :: The LHI Years
Artist: Henry Owings

Album: Father John Misty :: Fear Fun
Artist: Dimitri Drjuchin

Album: The Allah-Las :: The Allah-Las
Artist: David Hamilton

Album: The Tough Shits :: The Tough Shits
Artist: Avi Spivak

Album: Burnt Ones :: Meet The Golden One 7"
Artist: William Keihn

Album: Warm Soda :: Reaction 7"
Artist: Ben Tipton
Album: Woods :: Bend Beyond
Artist: Woodsist

Album: Chromatics :: Kill For Love
Artist: Italians Do It Better

Jessica Pratt - "Night Faces"
King Tuff - "Keep On Movin'"
Chromatics - "Into The Black"

Jessica Pratt - Jessica Pratt


  1. Even though I am not surprised you chose to recognize stellar album art from the past year, it is still impressive, as the acknowledgment of this art form seems to be often forgotten. Thanks for reminding the internet that this matters, too. And, thanks for reassuring those of us who sometimes select music in the same fashion they pick wine that our methods are not absurd.

    P.S. - You gotta give some love to the Feistodon 7".

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