October 17, 2012

The Babies - "Get Lost" & "Moonlight Mile"

The Babies—the project of, amongst others, Cassie Ramone of The Vivian Girls and Kevin Morby of Woods—cranked out a handful of fiery punk-flavored, country-colored rock gems on their 2011 debut, including the spectacular outlaw sing-along "Breakin' The Law," cranked-up steam-roller "Meet Me In The City," and the playfully sweet interplay of "Here Comes Trouble."  The Babies' follow-up, Our House On The Hill—out November 13th on Woodsist—promises more anthems for night owls with a few added quirks and complexities. For starters, the record's first two singles, "Moonlight Mile" and "Get Lost," illustrate Morby's bonafide frontman capabilities, as he steers and weaves the group between slices of confectionery pop and a seedy, howling, chaotic darkness.

For your vinyl needs, hit up Woodsist.

The Babies - "Get Lost" (from Our House On The Hill)

The Babies - "Moonlight Mile" (from Our House On The Hill)

The Babies

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  1. 'seedy, howling, chaotic darkness' - awesome description