October 3, 2012

New Animal - "Falling Up"

Atlanta's New Animal first popped up on my radar last year with the raw fiercely addictive number "Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian," a track band member Derek Burdette composed while banging away on his phone and a chord organ after waking up from a nightmare about two past failed relationships. The duo's newest track, "Falling Up," works around a similar visceral and emotional release with raw home-recorded vocal harmonies billowing and building into sublime heights. The moment this song turns into real headphone candy though is at the 3:35 mark when that flurry of keys hits and launches the harmonies into the stratosphere. Dig in below, and grab the cassette single from Old Flame Records.

New Animal - "Falling Up"

New Animal - "Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian"

New Animal

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eayxgWSxPUU

    Here's the music video for this song!