October 11, 2012

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - "Here I Am"

Adam Green plays Lee Hazlewood to Binki Shapiro's Nancy Sinatra on the gorgeous throwback duet "Here I Am," the first peak at the pair's forthcoming January 29th-due debut. Building from sparse plucks of acoustic guitar to a grand orchestral chorus doused in deep exhales of strings and brass, "Here I Am" sounds like a lost cut from the 1968 Nancy & Lee sessions. Adam & Binki my not have the same ring as the duo's famous predecessors, but the rich thoughtfully-paced recording feels like a classic nonetheless with Shapiro's light and sweet tone casually breezing over Green's deep resonance.

Adam & Binki - "Here I Am"

Adam Green


  1. starts of my friday evening adventures nicely

  2. lovely melody!