September 12, 2012

Natural Child - "Bodyswitchers Part II"

Natural Child are turning 2012 into a Thee Oh Sees-caliber year of prolificacy. With their sophomore long-player For The Love Of The Game already under their belts—along with a stellar 7" on Jeffrey Drag Records—the hard-touring Nashville trio are now preparing to unleash a second LP via their new Burger Records home, dubbed Hard In Heaven. If Natural Child commenced with a bit of raw punk whimsy, the band is now steering towards a classically informed rock and country sound, borrowing at turns from Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones to Tom T. Hall. Though Natural Child can whip up a frenzy with fierce racing numbers like the brand new Hard In Heaven sneak-peak "Derek's Blues," it's those slow and stoned Crazy Horse-caliber jams like "Bodyswitchers Part II" (which pairs nicely with the band's custom rolling papers) that really impress. It's a particularly heavy track with a deep impossible-to-resist groove, yet it barely breaks a walking pace. I guess what's so captivating about this slow jam is how it really puts a spotlight on the interplay between the three band members: those sledgehammer drums, fat slinky bass lines, growling guitar, and raspy two-part harmonies. When a band is in top form and churning out records this quickly, it's truly a treat to be a fan. 2012 it seems is the year of the Natural Child.

Natural Child - "Derek's Blues" (from Hard In Heaven)

Natural Child

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