September 28, 2012

Hundred Visions - "Hot Trash" & "Let's Go Young"

Last time we heard from Austin's Hundred Visions, they'd just released the smoldering doozy of a single—and catchiest track to date—"Where Do I Sign?" Ben Maddox and company are now back again with two new frenzied post-punk tornadoes, "Hot Trash" and "Let's Go Young." Per usual, Hundred Visions doesn't so much play as they do sprint: racing from one spastic riff and drum break to the next with ample dexterity and feverish enjoyment as Maddox hoots and howls with a charismatically reckless abandon. When these guys finally release a proper debut album, it's going to be something to truly behold.

Hundred Visions - "Hot Trash"

Hundred Visions - "Let's Go Young"

Last Cab from Tunis - Single - Hundred Visions

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