August 22, 2012

Premiere: Floating Action - "Cheers" (Blake Mills)

One of our very favorite artists— Black Mountain, North Carolina's Seth Kauffman—is gearing up for the release of his fifth LP and third under the nom de plume Floating Action on September 4th with Fake Blood. Kauffman's home-brewed, laid-back output revels in loose swinging rhythms, raw analog blasts of organ and guitar, and subtle yet entirely irresistible ear-worming melodies. Floating Action albums may not race up any charts, but Kauffman's coastal blend of dub and funk with rock and soul music is a timeless one. It now appears My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James shares that feeling, as he recently signed the band to his personal imprint, Removador. Perhaps that's what makes Kauffman's cover of the Blake Mills song "Cheers" such a perfect pairing: the name "Blake Mills" may not jump out of the average music fan's mouth, but amongst fellow musicians, he's revered. Kauffman's ace version of "Cheers" plugs Mills' cutting reflective narration into a hollowed-out cavern of cooing background vocals, the signature behind-the-beat Floating Action drums, and a faithful interpretation of Mills' swirling guitar work.

Floating Action - "Cheers" (Blake Mills cover)

Below, check out "Seized," the excellent first single from Fake Blood. Then make sure to snag the record—a co-release by Removador and Asheville's Harvest Records—on vinyl here.

Floating Action - "Seized" (from Fake Blood)

Floating Action


  1. More Floating Action is always a good thing.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Desert Etiquette was such a great album.