August 2, 2012

Dune Rats! - "Pogo"

I admit, I didn't really pay attention to the subject matter of "Pogo" by Brisbane, Australia band Dune Rats! for the first five or six spins. I was just enjoying the uptempo racing percussion, that crisp high bass riff, and the playful reverberated "wahoo's." Then phrases like "I'll be the one if you play with me" and the more obvious "every time I pogo myself" started to sink in. Or my favorite: "It's just a little fun, we're not hurting no one." And it turns out I now like the song even more—because these guys are absolutely hilarious. (via R&G)

Dune Rats! - "Pogo" (from Social Atoms)

Social Atoms - EP - Dune Rats

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