August 7, 2012

Chain & The Gang :: In Cool Blood

Washington, DC's Chain & The Gang released their newest LP this past June, In Cool Blood. Recorded by DIY mastermind Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington and released on Johnson's K Records, the 13-track record is a hyper-intellectual, wise-ass judo punch that effortlessly coalesces elements of funk, psychedelic rock, free-form jazz, and anti-establishment punk under one rackety roof. The tag-team vocal charge of Ian Svenonius and Katie Greer is the captivating unshakable centerpiece of every track here—a perfectly balanced pairing of guttural punk poetry and sassy pop charm. Below, check out two of our favorite cuts—the hilarious nothing-is-free manifesto "Free Will" and the bassy dancefloor hip-shaker "Where Does All The Time Go?"—then snag the record.

Buy In Cold Blood on digitally or on vinyl from K Records.

Chain & The Gang - "Free Will" (from In Cool Blood)

Chain & The Gang - "Where Does All The Time Go?" (from In Cool Blood)

In Cool Blood - Chain & The Gang

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