June 15, 2012

Sound & Vision 004: Blake Mills

Our bud Blake Mills is featured on the newest installment of the web documentary series Sound & Vision. Mills released ET's favorite record of 2010 via Break Mirrors and is the very first artist to press a record with our vinyl imprint, Analog Edition. So you might say we're pretty stoked on the music he's been putting out. Now, thanks to an appearance on Conan and an endless list of high profile collaborations (including Sara Watkins' beautiful new record Sun Midnight Sun, which he produced), the rest of the world seems to finally be catching up. Sound & Vision's video is an artfully shot and cut portrait of Mills: you get to see him eat breakfast with his awesomely talented girlfriend Danielle Haim, meet the parents, practice with the Goldsmith bros, and hear legends like Jackson Browne and The Heartbreakers' Benmont Tench wax philosophical about just what it is that makes Blake so unbelievably great. Oh yeah, he also plays the guitar pretty decently. Check it out after the jump. (Photo)

Snag Blake Mills' double A-Side vinyl single from Analog Edition.

Blake Mills - "Hey Lover" (Daytrotter version)
Blake Mills - "The Woman Knows" (Demo)

Break Mirrors - Blake Mills

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