June 4, 2012

Grass Widow - "Under The Atmosphere"

There's a thin fine edge that separates harmony and dissonance, and whether it's their intersecting warmly toned bass and guitar lines or overlapping polyphonic vocal harmonies, Grass Widow often play like a band that could at any moment drift into complete bliss or oblivion. Like three distinct lines pointed in the same direction, the band members always share the same destination, but—thanks to varying speeds, chaotic convergences, and bumps in the road—the paths they take to get there always vary. That's what makes Grass Widow so intriguing and dynamic: they never sound like a perfect whole, but rather three different parts of a discussion about the same idea. On "Under The Atmosphere"—a cosmically themed highlight on Internal Logic, the band's third full-length together—the trio at turns sounds like a church choir, the riveting rhythm section of a surf rock band, and the post-punk torch-bearers of The Neo Boys. The result is one of Grass Widow's finest concoctions to date: a trip into space that's as mesmerizing and haunting as it is vivid.

Internal Logic is out now digitally and on vinyl via the band's own HLR Records.

Stream: Grass Widow - "Under The Atmosphere" (from Internal Logic)

Grass Widow

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