June 25, 2012

Gothic Tropic - "Flesh Dance"

Los Angeles trio Gothic Tropic sweat it out in an atmospheric and unfiltered psychedelic cluster of tones and rhythms: angular visceral guitar riffs, funky pops of bass, swinging groove-hammering drums, and sweetly primal outbursts of vocals. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Cecilia Della Peruti, bassist Daniel Denton, and drummer Liv Marsico—also of Analog Edition alumna Stone Darling—the band's debut EP Awesome Problems is a refreshingly barebones yet entirely dynamic and original incarnation of rock 'n' roll. Free single "Flesh Dance" is perhaps the most immediately appealing track off the release: a tightly woven cannon blast of racing drums, muted guitars, and artfully scrambled vocals that sound as if they were transmitted from the band's secret moonbase.

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Gothic Tropic - "Flesh Dance" (from Awesome Problems EP)

Awesome Problems - EP - Gothic Tropic

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