May 22, 2012

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Sixpack"

After landing their Infinity Cat imprint under the Warner Bros. umbrella back in 2011, JEFF The Brotherhood are now putting out their first official release for the entertainment conglomerate: a four-song EP and sampling of the duo's forthcoming full-length album, Hypnotic Knights. Produced by Dan Auerbach and recorded in the Black Keys' guitarist's Easy Eye studio in Nashville, the band's major label offerings reveal its most economical and pop-geared sound yet. If We Are The Champions showed a hint of early Weezer influence, the Rivers Cuomo dial is now jacked to 10. But we're not complaining: the tracks are immensely enjoyable with Brothers Orrall retaining their signature humor, shred-heavy sound, and psychedelic jaunts. The hits of sitar and rhythmic jams are all still there, they're now just more compact and thoughtfully organized. Pop fans: rejoice.

Snag the EP now from iTunes.

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Sixpack" (from Hypnotic Knights EP)

Jeff the Brotherhood

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