May 29, 2012

Bleached - "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World"

"Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World," arguably one of The Ramones' greatest cuts and the closer on the band's 1976 eponymous debut, recently got the cover treatment via Los Angeles outfit Bleached. Recorded at Daytrotter's Studio Paradiso outpost, the Clavin sisters barely break the two-minute mark hammering out Dee Dee Ramone's narrative about a Nazi youth. The song seems to be a touchstone of sorts for contemporary garage rock outfits. La Sera's Katy Goodman sports a shoulder tattoo of the track's title wrapped around a drawing of the world. Jennifer Clavin also played it while guesting on Aquarium Drunkard's sattellite radio show, the entirety of which you can download here. Head to Daytrotter for the rest of the session.

Bleached - "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" (The Ramones)

Mika Miko

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