March 2, 2012

King Tuff - "Hole In My Head"

Few things lift the storm clouds quite like a new King Tuff track on a weekday morning: a rainbowed arch of perfectly shredded and fried weirdo glam-rock and power-pop. We told you about "Wild Desire," the great A-side to Tuff's new 7" on Suicide Squeeze last month. Now peep the "unmitigated stokedness" of the jangly riff-soaked B-side, "Hole In My Head." But first, a few words from the label: "King Tuff is what you put on when it's supposed to be winter time but you wake up to consistent sixty degree days because it's the end of the world. King Tuff is what you put on when you get to work and realize you have double the desk space because the person who normally sits next to you is home sick puking up fish tacos." He makes a lot of good points: mostly, be careful where you order your fish tacos.

Pre-order the 7" from Suicide Squeeze.

King Tuff - "Hole In My Head" (from Wild Desire 7")

King Tuff

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