March 22, 2012

JD McPherson - "North Side Gal"

Southern Oklahoma native JD McPherson recorded his 2010 record Signs & Signifers in Chicago with pre-1960s analog equipment—think Nick Waterhouse but with a southern twist and a dash of early rock 'n' roll influences like Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins. These songs don't just play, they hum, twist, and shake, brimming with life and movement. Over a background bedding of organ on "North Side Gal," drums rattle, horns burst, and McPherson inarguably commands the show with his lively rasp and slippery melodies. The music may recall a bygone era, but these grooves feel as fresh as this morning's dew. (Hat tip to Harmon Drive).

Buy the vinyl from Hi-Style Records.

JD McPherson - "North Side Gal" (from Signs & Signifiers)

JD McPherson

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