March 17, 2012

Beach House - "Myth"

I'm happy to be the one millionth blog to post the beautiful new track from Baltimore's Beach House, because quite simply, you can't have too much of a good thing. That swirling clean-toned guitar line, the slow build of drums, and Victoria Legrand's absolutely devastating husk of a voice that seems to become more sweet and achey with each repeated listen. There are plenty of bands that don't deserve the hype, but Beach House is an exception—they deserve every ounce of praise. They're one of only a handful of acts I'd put on par with The Walkmen in regards to timelessness: a thoroughly modern and contemporary group that's making inarguably classic music. The kind of records I know I'll still be playing 20 years from now.

Beach House - "Myth" (from Bloom)

Beach House

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