January 23, 2012

La Sera - "Please By My Third Eye"

In our current nerd dominated pop culture, the Twitter feed for Katy Goodman—the bassist for The Vivian Girls and master of all things La Sera—is a hysterical time capsule-like window into its consumption: rants and insights into everything from HBO's Game of Thrones to the graphic novel-adapted Walking Dead series and a host of shoot-em-up video games, some of which Goodman even reviews on her Tumblr. Why do I find that all so interesting? Maybe it's because Goodman—a tall beautiful redhead with an homage to The Ramones' song "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" tattooed on her shoulder—makes a living creating pop music. Where The Vivian Girls' brand of garage rock tends to polarize, it's easy to fall for the occasionally Pixies and Phil Spector brushed palette of La Sera. And the first taste from Goodman's second solo LP might just be her best track to date: the excellent, brightly pounding number "Please Be My Third Eye." Goodman's high and light-toned voice contrasts sublimely with the track's dark waves and washes of gain-heavy guitars, as it floats almost effortlessly over swells of feedback and a furiously fast assault of drumming. If "Please Be My Third Eye" is the product of embracing a steady diet of comic books and zombie killing, sign me up.

Pre-order the LP—out March 27th—from Hardly Art.

La Sera - "Please By My Third Eye" (from La Sera Sees The Light)

La Sera

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