December 15, 2011

My Morning Jacket - "Friends Again"

Dear My Morning Jacket:

Let's be friends again. You're one of my favorite bands of all time. You're one of the—if not thee—best live bands in the world. Remember in 2003 when I saw you for the first time? Or in 2009 at Bonnaroo, when you put on the best (and longest) show I've ever seen? But I need to be honest, Circuital wasn't a perfect record. In fact, it was kind of boring. I've seen you play countless times, own your every release, and have a poster of Z on my apartment wall, but Circuital was the first time I was disappointed rather than inspired while listening to your music. You know what was missing? The two songs on your new "Friends Again" 7", available only in local record stores around the country. I've been playing "Friends Again" on a regular basis since that 2010 bootleg from the Municipal Auditorium leaked online, and it simply might be one of the best songs you've ever written. It's no "Golden" nor "One Big Holiday," but it continues that fun Allen Toussaint-inspired southern R&B sound you were going for on Evil Urges' tracks like "Sec Walkin" and  "Thank You" in the most fun and carefree of ways. "Friends Again" is the type of song crowds can't wait to hear, dance, and sing-along to—so why did you ever leave it off the record? And the B-side, you're haggard old-timey grandpa-sung version of "Outta My System"—dubbed the "Alternate Universe Take"—is an absolute blast. That could have been Circuital's "Highly Suspicious"—a brilliant goofball change of pace moment. I hear both songs were recorded for a Muppets and Electric Mayhem project, and I am sincerely sorry that didn't work out, because this 7" is a fantastic release: both in terms of its individual quality and its desire to stimulate interest in local record shops. So please, stay goofy and weird. Next time, just don't wait so long to remind us how odd, original, and fun you are—because really, there's no one else like you.

All the best,

Everybody Taste

My Morning Jacket - "Friends Again" (2010 Municipal Auditorium)

My Morning Jacket


  1. I agree with almost everything you stated except I think you're being a little too harsh on Circuital... it's a good album, just one of those that takes three or four spins before it latches on to your heart.

    My Morning Jacket forever.

  2. So true man...every band has their dud album.

  3. circuital is their most complete record. if you want silly kids music, turn on pbs.