December 2, 2011

La Sera - "You're Going To Cry" (Demo)

While I don't particularly care for the Vivian Girls, I've found myself becoming a rather dedicated fan of Katy Goodman's this year, particularly her work as La Sera. On the La Sera debut, Goodman's pristine vocals and hypnotic guitar work fondly recall everything from The Pixies ("Devils Hearts Grow Gold") to Spector-era Wall of Sound production  ("Never Come Around"). Recently, Goodman has been posting demos from the record to her Tumblr page and one of the more impressive to date has been the sparse acoustic guitar and vocal take of "You're Going To Cry." Her layers of polyphonic self-harmonizing vocals in the song's chorus are really rather stunning.

La Sera - "You're Going To Cry" (Demo)

La Sera - "Devils Hearts Grow Gold" (from La Sera)

La Sera

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