October 31, 2011

Thee Oh Sees - "The Dream" & "Carrion Crawler"

Considering Thee Oh Sees' Castlemania is a 16-track double album, it's hard to imagine the band had time to record and release a whole other record in 2011. But then again, Thee Oh Sees are a wildly prolific bunch of weirdos—and that's why we love them. Cut to live tape in Sacramento back in June, Carrion Crawler/The Dream was originally envisioned as two separate EPs, now combined as one purple intestine-covered LP. You can now hear both title tracks below. According to John Dwyer's Castle Face Records homepage, this won't be the band's last release in 2011. Look out for a split 12" with Total Control later this year with art by longtime collaborator William Keihn, which you can check out right here.

Thee Oh Sees - "The Dream" (from Carrion Crawler/The Dream)
Thee Oh Sees - "Carrion Crawler" (from Carrion Crawler/The Dream)

Must-have vinyl: Castle Face Records :: Group Flex
Thee Oh Sees cover The Creation: "If I Stay Too Long"

Thee Oh Sees

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