October 6, 2011

Future Islands feat. Jenn Wasner - "The Great Fire"

Future Islands newest LP On The Water is brimful of great singles—see "Before The Bridge" and "Balance"—and moving moments—see synth-master Gerrit Welmers' cinematic 80s-tinged intro to "Where I Found You"—but no track hits me quite as hard as "The Great Fire." Perhaps it's because frontman Samuel T. Herring's melodramatic and manic vocal work finds a formidable costar in Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner. Not only does Wasner go blow for vocal blow with Herring in this emotive relationship-centered slow-burner, but taking the lead in the latter half of the duet, she momentarily takes control of the track, making the listener forget that this isn't in fact her own band. Though Future Islands knock every one of On The Water's ten tracks out of the park, "The Great Fire" leaves me wanting more from this truly devastating vocal pairing.

Future Islands feat. Jenn Wasner - "The Great Fire" (from On The Water)

Future Islands


  1. This was the song that stood out the most when I threw the record on the first time. Beautiful. Another stand out from what a band that has easily placed itself in my favorites.

  2. This is music reminds me some interesting events that have happened with me.... lol.....