October 3, 2011

Albino Father :: Age

The exceptionally tasty Part-Time Music, who earlier this year introduced me to the great Allah-Las, recently pointed me towards another great hidden gem of a band: Salt Lake City's Albino Father. The psychedelic-tinged rock outfit revels in swirls of hypnotic riffs, pounding rhythm, and a scuzzy born-in the-garage glaze of amplified fuzz and distortion. Albino Father's latest offering is a full-length released this past September dubbed Age. From the opening blast of jarring bass on 70s psych-rock throwback "Meth Truck" to the creeping guitar line on country-inflected toe-tapper "Deth Jam," Albino Father's songs sound like they belong out on dark empty highways: lonesome and mysterious, but nevertheless determined to make some noise.

Grab the band's album via a pay-what-you-want scenario on Bandcamp.

Albino Father - "Meth Truck" (from Age)
Albino Father - "Deth Jam" (from Age)


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