October 5, 2011

Eternal Summers - "Pure Affection"

I caught Roanoke, Virginia's Eternal Summers live for the first time this past July in an opening slot for Sonny & The Sunsets. Between drummer Daniel Cundiff's ferocious pounding rhythms and bandleader Nicole Hirschmann's confident ear-catching vocals and assertive guitar play, I was quickly converted into a superfan. There's traces of everything from clean-toned punk to power-pop and dream-pop in the group's repertoire, but the most apt descriptors are infectious and wildly fun. This past spring, Eternal Summers released what's easily one of the year's better EPs on Forest Family, and on it, one of the year's best tracks—"Pure Affection." Perhaps because it's slower than most Eternal Summers' songs, the rhythmic elements and groove of "Pure Affection" feel particularly dynamic and really propel out into the forefront of the mix. The drifting and at times Luna-recalling track recieved the remix treatment from Beach Fossils back in July. While I'm often dismissive of remixes, the Beach Fossils guys do a superb job of emphasizing and experimenting with the dreamier threads of "Pure Affection," while leaving the mood unchanged. If the original is comprable to lying down in a field of sunflowers, the remix is akin to lying down in a field of sunflowers after ingesting just the right amount of acid.

Forest Family is sold out of the Prisoner EP, but you can still nab the vinyl from Insound.

Eternal Summers - "Pure Affection" (from Prisoner 12" EP)
Eternal Summers - "Pure Affection (Beach Fossils remix)"

Eternal Summers

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