September 20, 2011

Twin Sister - "Stop"

Twin Sister's capacity for unearthing vintage and occasionally cheesy tones and reworking them into compelling contemporary pop frameworks is incredible. This is a band that clearly belongs in the studio. Sure, the band's songwriting is ace, but it's their creative sonic palette that really separates and elevates Twin Sister's music into real fad-free unstuck-from-time originality. "Stop," one of the more inviting and instantly accessible cuts off the band's debut LP In Heaven, features guitarist Eric Cardona taking a turn on lead vocals with Andrea Estella providing harmony over it's killer chorus. But what really stands out here is the sincere soft-rock quality of the instrumentation: emotive and melodramatic strings, pillowy keyboards, silky smooth guitar lines. Yet these tones never once feel contrived or out of place. While fellow soft-rock purveyors like Washed Out tend to blend their different instruments into one mass of sound with fistfuls of reverb and echo, every melodic line and synth-produced sheen in "Stop" is as clear as a perfectly focused photograph. Now that's refreshing.

Twin - "Sister" (from In Heaven)

Stream the entirety of In Heaven—out 9/27—after the jump.

Twin Sister

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