September 1, 2011

Ski Lodge - "I Would Die To Be"

Ski Lodge is the project of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Marr, born not on a snowy mountain resort, but by the ocean side in West Palm, Florida. While Marr's heavily melodic and chord-free guitar play on "I Would Die To Be" recalls the style employed by the Beach Fossils, Marr's vocals take a more melodramatic and heart-on-the-sleeve turn that hint at years of late nights listening to The Smiths. Most importantly though, Ski Lodge delivers the hooks: light, feathery, and catchy as hell.

The EP is out September 13th on Dovecote Records.

Ski Lodge - "I Would Die To Be" (from Ski Lodge)

Ski Lodge


  1. really love this photo!

    -ski lodge

  2. ha, was surprisingly one of the first photos that popped up when i googled "ski lodge." ...has a bit of an 1980s color scheme, including a hot pink door.