September 1, 2011

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Diamond Way" (Live)

JEFF The Brotherhood recently recorded a live set over at Sirius XMU. You can catch the whole performance the next time it airs via a free trial. Or below, you can download a live bongo and flanger-infused cut of the Nashville duo's "Diamond Way." In other news, brothers Orrall will be releasing a single produced by Jack White in October. The single, recorded in White's home recording studio, will be released as part of Third Man Records' Blue Series and include the 6 and 1/2 minute "Whatever I Want" on the A-side and a cover of Tiger B. Smith's "Everything I Need" on the B-side. This will be JEFF The Brotherhood's third release over at Third Man, following their live 12" and contribution to Insane Clown Posse's new 7".

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Diamond Way" (Live on Sirius XMU)

JEFF the Brotherhood

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