September 9, 2011

Forest Fire - "Mtns Are Mtns"

Forest Fire have released a second song from their forthcoming LP Staring At The X, due out on October 18th via FatCat, and it's a real beaut. "Mtns Are Mtns" commences with emotive and intimate vocals over a strummed acoustic guitar—standard singer/songwriter fare—but then opens up with brightly colored flashes of male/female harmony, a couple chords from a grand piano, colossal airplane engine-recalling guitar buzz, and a fantastic saxophone solo. Speaking of saxophones, are than excess of sax players in Manhattan right now? As it feels like I've heard more sax solos this year than I have in the last ten. Not that I'm complaining.

Forest Fire - "Mtns Are Mtns" (from Staring At The X)
Forest Fire - "Future Shadows" (from Staring At The X)

Forest Fire

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