August 25, 2011

Video: White Life - "Time Is Wasting"

Baltimore's White Life—who've put out one of the best albums of 2011 in their self-titled debut—recently released a video for the single "Time Is Wasting." The track, which cherry picks from some of the more fun, danceable, and cheesy tones of the late 1980s and early 1990s R&B and pop scenes, is paired perfectly here with a silly and low-key video of frontman Jon Ehrens dancing his way through a breakfast of cereal and an afternoon of one-man tennis. Ehrens' sister Emily, who provides the track's backup vocals, appears as well, lackadaisically singing-along while reading the morning paper and later dancing spirit-like in a white glowing cloak. If there's a message here, it's that the Ehrens know how to make fun of themselves—and they have a great time while doing it.

Purchase White Life's debut from Ehse RecordsDC Folks: White Life play the Velvet Lounge on September 1st.

White Life - "Time Is Wasting" (from White Life)
White Life - "Flirp" (from White Life)

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  1. @whitelifemusic

    Check them out Sept. 1 at Velvet Lounge w/ Gavin Holland 18+ event

  2. Video created, direct, and produced by CryBaby Presents