August 24, 2011

Mikal Cronin - "Give It To Me" (Troggs cover)

Mikal Cronin's been a big hit over here of late, from his colossally heavy David Bowie covers with Ty Segall to the blistering tracks from his self-titled psych-rock debut. Over on Cronin's Bandcamp, you can now download his "Gone" 7" released back in January of 2010 via Goodbye Boozy Records. That 7" features an excellent lo-fi and toothache sweet cover of The Troggs' 1967 single "Give It To Me" as its B-Side. Check out the cover and original below, then head to Cronin's Bandcamp for more jams from this up-and-coming talent.

Mikal Cronin - "Give It To Me" (Troggs cover)
Troggs - "Give It To Me"

Mikal Cronin

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