August 5, 2011

Hundred Visions - "Fear Is A Man's Best Friend" (John Cale)

One of my favorite recent discoveries has been Austin band Hundred Visions, who earlier this summer tore through a Daytrotter session and have put out a hell of a 7" in Last Cab From Tunis. This morning I bring you the band's near note-for-note cover of the John Cale track "Fear Is A Man's Best Friend," the opener off his 1974 album Fear. All that's missing here is the dissonant and frenzied bass play at the end of Cale's original, though that's dutifully replaced here with a few crazed and ham-fisted punches of piano. Really, this cover is a blast. And if you haven't picked up Hundred Visions' digital 7" yet (with the accompanying vinyl en route), you my friend, are truly missing out.

Hundred Visions - "Fear Is A Man's Best Friend" (John Cale cover)

Hundred Visions

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