August 10, 2011

The Drums - "Money"

When I first posted about The Drums back in July of 2009, there were only one or two other blogs digging on the band. That didn't last long. Thousands of fans gained and records sold later—not to mention a few magazine covers—The Drums have worked to become one for the more popular and successful acts in the current independent rock universe. Sure, the whistle in the overplayed "Let's Go Surfing" now makes me visibly cringe, but that's no fault of the band. In fact, they may have already found their next soon-to-be-overplayed single in "Money," a track off the forthcoming Portamento LP, dropping September 12th. "Money" finds The Drums at their tightest and catchiest to date with furiously picked bass and guitar lines matched with a completely unexpected falsetto from singer Jonathan Pierce—a laugh-out-loud yet wholly addictive vocal turn that cements this band's bright pop future.

The Drums - "Money" (from Portamento)

The Drums

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