July 22, 2011

St. Vincent - "Surgeon"

In one of the more interesting mp3 premiere campaigns of late, St. Vincent used the hashtag #strangemercy and a buzzometer bar to generate and monitor word-of-mouth buzz for her new forthcoming LP Strange Mercy, due out September 13th on 4AD. The promise at the end of the campaign? A new song from the album. And after several days of Tweeting and slowly progressing the bar, we finally get our first taste of Strange Mercy this morning in "Surgeon." The song opens amidst an eerily buzzing symphony of synth pads, as Annie Clark sings, "I spent the summer on my back." What happens over the song's 4-and-a-half minutes is intense, sufficiently far-out, and tough to put into words, but yes, it was worth the wait. And yes, the solo in the song's coda/outro is one of the more fun and funky instrumentals I've heard in years. More please.

St. Vincent - "Surgeon" (from Strange Mercy)

St. Vincent

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