June 6, 2011

Woods cover Terence Boylan: "Who Do I Think I Am?"

As you may already know, I adore the new Woods LP Sun & Shade. I think it contains some of the band's finest melodies and pop hooks to date ("Pushing Onlys," "Hand It Out") along with what is perhaps their psychedelic opus ("Out Of The Eye"). Earlier today, I caught the Needle Drop's review of the LP and learned that another album favorite—"Who Do I Think I Am?"—is actually a cover. The song is originally by Terence Boylan and is off his 1968 record Alias Boona. While sites like Altered Zones, Pitchfork, and yes, Everybody Taste, dropped the ball on this interesting tidbit in their reviews, TND's Anthony Fantano nailed it (though I have to disagree with his opinion of the album). Check out and compare the two tracks below while you still can, as Alias Boona is unfortunately out of print and very hard to find.

Terence Boylan - "Who Do I Think I Am?" (from Alias Boona)

Woods: "Who Do I Think I Am?"


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