May 23, 2011

The UFO Club - "Be My Baby" (Ronettes cover)

If you dug those Night Beats tracks I posted last week, you'll absolutely love this psych-rock version of everyone's favorite Phil Spector classic, "Be My Baby," by The UFO Club—a collaboration between the Night Beats' Lee Blackwell and The Black Angels' Christian Bland. The song appears on a UFO Club and Night Beats split 10" out now via Austin's Reverberation Appreciation Society. The record features 4 tracks from each band and is pressed in an edition of 500 on 140 gram vinyl with handcrafted and screen-printed artwork by the bands. Go pick up your wax or digital download now at Austin Psych Fest. Stream all 8 tracks on the Night Beats' Facebook page.

The UFO Club - "Be My Baby" (from The UFO Club / Night Beats Split 10")

Night Beats

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