May 19, 2011

Ty Segall - "You Make The Sun Fry"

My experience with bands recording covers records is that the proceeding follow up LP always tends to be much richer from that experience (see Phosphorescent's Here's To Taking It Easy after To Willie and Vetiver's Tight Knit post Thing of the Past). Think of it as a rock & roll masters class. Fresh off his Ty Rex EP of T. Rex covers, Ty Segall is set to return with Goodbye Bread—yes that adorable hound photograph is the actual cover art—on June 21st via Drag City. And yes, that bluesy swagger on the LP's first single, "You Make The Sun Fry," reeks of Marc Bolan—and that's a very good thing.

Ty Segall - "You Make The Sun Fry" (from Goodbye Bread)

Ty Segall

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