May 9, 2011

The Five Discs - "Doctor"

I've never been a huge Deerhunter or Atlas Sound fan, but I'll be the first to admit that Bradford Cox has an amazing ear for music. He also has a pretty impressive vinyl collection as evidenced by the micromixes he releases via his blog. One of the gems I have Cox to thank for uncovering is "Doctor" by 1950s Brooklyn doo-wop group The Five Discs. Unfortunately, the song seems to have been forgotten by all but Cox, as you won't find it anywhere else on the internet. The lyrics here are fun, but not especially original. What makes the song so extraordinary and addictive is its simplistic and repetitive high-toned guitar riff. Played over a deep bass line, that little hypnotic riff seems to have climbed inside my inner-ear and set up permanent camp.

The Five Discs - "Doctor"
Atlas Sound - "Doctor" (Five Discs cover)

Download all of Micromix 23 at Deerhunter's blog.

Atlas Sound

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  1. Thank you very much !! I've looking for this one for a year...