April 5, 2011

Portland Rumble :: FREE show tonight with Hosannas

Portland's own Hosannas are playing a free show tonight at the Holocene as part of Portland's monthly Rumble showcase with fellow PDX group Hello Electric and Los Angeles band Vanaprasta. Hosannas, who released one of our favorite songs of 2010 in "The People I Know," released a new EP last month titled Thug Life Nicole. The experimental pop output from brothers Brandon and Richard Laws continues to mesmerize and entrance on songs like "Obsolete People," a cosmic tornado of percussion, dark bassy synths and beautifully harmonized vocals. The show, presented by Future Sounds, starts at 9. Download the Thug Life Nicole EP here.

Hosannas - "Obsolete People" (from Thug Life Nicole EP)


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  1. I obviously live nowhere near Portland, but I definitely need to take more of a listen to this band later, I really liked "Obsolete People".