April 11, 2011

Discovering Marisa Anderson :: The Golden Hour

"This record contains 12 improvisations for guitar and lap steel. All songs were recorded using a four track quater inch reel to reel tape recorder. All songs are presented as they were recorded, with no overdubbing, looping or other layering."

So reads the back cover to Portland guitar extraordinaire Marisa Anderson's LP The Golden Hour, released by the elusive Luddites over at Mississippi Records. The album, inspired by everything from Delta blues and gospel music to West African guitar and country and western, is as warm and intimate a recording as you're likely to ever get your hands on. Anderson may as well be playing in your living room, at turns dancing, clawing, and racing back and forth across her axe like an existentially burdened traveler searching for answers, comfort and the way home. This isn't an exercise in showmanship, but rather a soulful and lyrical journey that welcomes listeners along for the ride.

Download the album digitally from Bandcamp or buy the vinyl from Insound and, if you live in Portland, at Mississippi Records.

Marisa Anderson - "The Golden Hour" (from The Golden Hour)

The Golden Hour - Marisa Anderson

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