March 11, 2011

Video: Port St. Willow - "Stay Even"

Shaking Through is an incredible web series that gives emerging independent artists the chance to record in a top of the line studio with top-tier talent. And that's not all. It gives fans an incredibly intimate window to peak inside the minutiae of the recording process. We've seen Sharon Van Etten achieve otherworldly greatness inside this studio and we've experienced awesome collaborations like Floating Action's Seth Kauffman produced by Dr. Dog's Scott McMicken. The series' latest episode features Portland, Oregon's Nick Principe—who records under the moniker Port St. Willow—being produced by his childhood friend Peter Silberman of everybody's favorite Antlers. As usual, the music created within this collaborative experience is a treasure worth watching unfold.

Port St. Willow - "Stay Even" (Shaking Through)

Port St. Willow

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