March 14, 2011

Natural Child To Release Full-Length Debut, 1971

Nashville band Natural Child have two Twitter accounts: @naturalchild420 and @naturalchild69. Their label, Infinity Cat, just announced the release date for the band's debut full-length, 1971: it's 4/20. You know what my favorite song by Natural Child is? "Crack Mountain," which boasts the chorus, "I've been smoking crack with my friends." My point is you can't escape the band's endless jokes about sex and drugs, but underneath that veneer of depravity lies a wholly formidable rock and roll band equipped with swampy stadium-sized bass and guitar riffs, sledgehammer drums, and the kind of vocal melodies and lyrics that are as easy to remember as they're impossible to forget. When I put on Natural Child, no one screams "Welcome To The Thunderdome," but it absolutely feels like someone should. This is wild and unholy rock and roll and it's safe to say 1971 is now officially Everybody Taste's most anticipated release of 2011. Hear the first taste of the record below.

Natural Child - "Hard Workin' Man" (from 1971)

Natural Child


  1. Love, love, LOVE their S/T 7". Can't wait for the LP.

  2. Looking forward to this so much; the album cover looks ridiculously retro.

  3. Want out now.

  4. Can't Wait!!!!!!!!