March 10, 2011

Mixtape: Coffee For Breakfast, Please

Kyle MacLachlan - "Diane, it's 8 AM..."
Hugh Masakela - "A Cheeka Laka Laka"
Tapes 'n Tapes - "One In The World"
Body Language - "Social Studies"
Donora - "I Think I Love You"
Dawes - "Hey Lover" --> "Blake Mills - "Hey Lover" --> Dawes - "Hey Lover"
Cotton Jones - "Lune Chatter"
The Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow Intro"
Natural Child - "Crack Mountain"
The Death Set - "Negative Thinking"
Gold Motel - "Slow Emergency"
Mary Wells - "You Beat Me To The Punch"
Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Words of Love" (Buddy Holly)
Raveonettes - "Red Tan"
Paul Westerberg - "...we're very loud and spirited..."
Middle Brother - "Portland" (The Replacements)
Cass McCombs - "County Line"

Coffee For Breakfast, Please.mp3

Thanks to Root Strata Blog for the "Diane" recordings and The Voice Project for the Dawes cover. "Hooray Coffee" is a print by artist Nate Duval. Order from his awesome store here.

The Dodos


  1. cool overlap with Hey Lover. didn't realize Dawes had covered it.

  2. Can you make a zip of all these songs!? I love this mix.

  3. No, sorry. I decided to switch from a zip file to single mp3 so that it would encourage people to go out and buy any individual songs they liked.

    Glad you're enjoying it.

  4. I think it's great that you're encouraging listeners to buy the songs they like. I want to get hold of "Hey Lover" but couldn;t find either version on iTunes (Aust) - are you able to give me some more information that might help me to track it down. also, i can;t quite work out your listing - are there 2 versions by different artists? Thanks

  5. Hey Lover by Blake Mills is on iTunes. You can also buy the 7" from my label The Dawes version was recorded by the video blog The Voice Project.

  6. Hi, great mix, thanks, i can't find the Blake Mills track on iTunes - can you give me some more info abotu where i might be able to buy a copy, thanks.

  7. Here's the iTunes link to his album Break Mirrors (which has "Hey Lover"):

    Here's the iTunes link to his "Hey Lover" single:

    You can also by the 7" vinyl of "Hey Lover" from my label:

    Here's Blake's web site as well where you can buy the CDl: