February 2, 2011

Vincent Moon's An Island

There's a particularly petty war of words going on between Arcade Fire and director Vincent Moon, one of the creators of the influential Take Away Show series. You can take a gander at the interview with Moon and the cheap shot by Arcade Fire manager Scott Rodger in the comments section here, but at the end of the day it's absolutely inconsequential. The Arcade Fire are the Arcade Fire and Moon is a considerable talent whose work over the past decade has made an incredible impression on the arts, specifically the natural way music is now so often captured. Moon's latest work is a feature that follows around the 8-piece Danish band Efterklang on a small isolated island off the coast of Denmark. Over the course of the four-day shoot, the director and band collaborated with 200-plus local musicians and residents of the island. Screenings are currently taking place all over the world. Check here for a screening near you, or if there isn't one, schedule your own.

Efterklang - "Cutting Ice To Snow" (from Parades)
Efterklang - "Modern Drift" (from Magic Chairs)

Magic Chairs (Bonus Track Version) - Efterklang

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