February 4, 2011

Natural Child - "The Jungle"

"Living in our boxcar laid up in the jungle. Thought I was a God, but now I'm feeling humble. Making lots of money, give it to the children. Making lots of children, now we got a village."

There's something incredibly endearing about Natural Child's "The Jungle"—a scuzzy, garage-rock and possibly psychedelic-fueled country sing-along about living in a boxcar in the jungle. The Nashville band exhale equal amounts of fiery swagger and stale beer into its Southern fare, creating a wonderfully eclectic world where punk rock and country music stand toe-to-toe in a perfect swaying boozy harmony. This young and brash Replacements-recalling trio—who opened for the Black Lips on a recent tour—also have a flare for the loud and heavy, as on the propulsive bass-led track "Nobody Wants To Party With Me." MP3s and vinyl are available to purchase at the band's label, Infinity Cat. Fuck, this band's good.

Natural Child - "The Jungle" (from Scion A/V Garage's Strange Boys/Natural Child 7")
Natural Child - "Nobody Wants To Party With Me" (from Bodyswitchers)
Natural Child - "Dogbite" (from 7")

Natural Child

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