February 26, 2011

Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Blue Skies Again"

I haven't heard a straight-ahead pop song this good in a while. The hopeful "Blue Skies Again," thanks to its crisply produced guitar attack, has long legs that spring and bounce to a beat that begs the listener to come along for the ride. The ride being 21-year-old Jessica Lea Mayfield's second full-length album, Tell Me, released earlier this month. Produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, Mayfield's light country vocals and crafty songwriting often arrive ablaze with creative instrumentation and flourishes, like the bare rolling bass guitar on "Tell Me" or the bubbly keyboard riff in "Grown Man." It's a beautifully executed album—one that I'm looking forward to diving into again. The single "Blue Skies Again" is available free only for a limited time as the iTunes single of the week, so snag it while you can.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Blue Skies Again" (from Tell Me)

Jessica Lea Mayfield

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  1. Amazing album all the way through. Saw her live as well a month ago and it was magic.