January 12, 2011

Lord Echo - "Thinking of You"

Lord Echo is the project of New Zealand musician Mike Fabulous, who's best known for his work with the excellent reggae group The Black Seeds. With Lord Echo, Fabulous tackles similar territory, albeit with a touch more funk and disco. One of the clear standouts on his debut Melodies is "Thinking of You," a reggae reworking of the 1984 disco single by Sister Sledge. The track features guest vocals by Kiwi Lisa Tomlins, who also works with fellow New Zealand greats and Everybody Taste favorites Fat Freddy's Drop. I don't often associate reggae with funk music, but "Thinking of You" is the absolute perfect meeting point between these two genres.

Lord Echo - "Thinking of You" (from Melodies)

The Black Seeds

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  1. This is such a cool track, perfect for Aussie summers as we battle the floods. Will play it on our show this weekend for sure, and drop your blog in there too, cheers!