January 20, 2011

Dyed Blonde: Blondie Rarities and Covers

The confluence of ska, reggae, punk, new wave, rap, and disco. That's Blondie. The band formed out of the remnants of The Stilettos and the romantic relationship between guitarist Chris Stein and former Playboy bunny, waitress, and Wind In The Willows singer Deborah Harry. Originally dubbed Angel and The Snakes, Blondie rose to the top of the New York City music scene as regulars at hip ramshackle hot spots like CBGBs and Max's Kansas City. Later opening for Iggy Pop and David Bowie and headlining their own international tours, Blondie became bona fide pioneers of the new wave. And for good reason. From Harry's effortlessly cool and absorbing vocals to the band's aggressively tight, fiery and funky instrumentals, Blondie cut through labels and classifications with one of rock's sharpest set of pop music chops. Few bands have achieved such extreme levels of popularity and critical acclaim with their artistic integrity and jagged edge of outsider cool intact. Blondie was simply that good.

Blondie - "Scenery" (Blondie Sessions Outtake, 1976)
Blondie - "Platinum Blonde" (1975 Demo)
Blondie - "Sunday Girl (French version)" (from Blonde and Beyond)

Ted Leo - "Union City Blue" (Live)
Lily Allen - "Heart of Glass" (Live)
Sleeper - "Atomic" (from Trainspotting)


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